How does it work

a) Send keyword to short code to join wordgame. Charges apply ($3 per received MT message).
b) You will receive three sets of mixed up letters per week via SMS - unless you request more. If you can form ONE word per set, type that into a new text message and reply to the message sent to you.
Every reply will trigger a new set sent to you straight away.
c) All words nominated will be judged in accordance with Macquarie dictionary. If your word is correct, you will earn scores as follows:
Scores: The score of points depends on the number of letters in a word. 4-letter words score 5 points, 5-letter words score 10 points; 6-letter words score 15 points, 7-letter words score 20 points and 8-letter (or more) words score 50 points!
d) The more sets you can answer, the more points you will collect; the contestant with the most points at the end of the month will collect $1,000 in cash! Every monthly round closes at the last day of the month at 9 PM AEST.
e) Reply messages will inform you about your rank (applies to top 50 only).
f) You can play as long and as much as you want, to unsubscribe, just reply STOP to one of the messages.
g) After the 30 June 2008, the main prize of $10,000 or a brand new home entertainment system is allocated to the winner(s), and will be distributed in July 2008.
h) You will also be informed via SMS if you are one of the top Word Game contestants at the end of the month/promotion, and earned enough points to receive one of the prizes!
h) No further correspondence applies. Non-monetary prizes cannot be redeemed by cash.
i) At the current stage, Virgin Mobile customers cannot yet access our word game.
j) We may from time to time inform you about future marketing promotions.
k) If you are a prize winner, you will be contacted directly to your mobile. We will send up to 5 messages to you to inform you about your prize and how to claim it. Prize claims MUST be within 28 days.

Word Game closes at 9 PM Australian Eastern Standard time on 30 June 2008.

Monthly Prizes

Monthly prizes are:
Rank 1: $1,000 in cash
Rank 2: $300 in cash
Rank 3 and 4: Apple iPod Nanos
Rank 5: Six megapixel digital camera;
Rank 6 and 7: Mobile phones
Rank 8-10: DVD players

... and many mobile content prizes, valued at $66.

For monthly prizes, at the end of each month all scores are put back to zero and a new round starts.

Main Prize

The player with the most points at the end of Word Game wins a brandnew home entertainment system valued at $10,000 or $10,000 in cash
For the main prize, all points of all rounds will be summed up.
Duration: 10 months
Word Game closes at 9 PM Australian Eastern Standard time on Monday, 30 June 2008.